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NOMADE ATELIER is an exclusive art and design duo, created in Mexico in 2012 by Diana Quintero Vallejo and Ismael Bachri.


This project is for us a great learning lab and testing of materials and concepts. We are a company dedicated to design ideas take shape with making objects and custom furniture for residential, public and commercial spaces, as well as artistic, stage and museum installations.


Our work together is to define the purpose of our intervention, personnel and dynamically generate critical dialogue analyzing the space, which will clarify the goals of the project and its possibilities.


Having a platform to manufacture special items of artistic manner, is one of our major goals and passions. So far we have created exclusive designs with UNIQUE PIECES as a result, as each project requires an entirely different production, personalized in its conception, design and assembly.


The common feature in our expression of design, is the importance we attach to the conceptualization and production process, seeking the simplicity of lines and materials discretion without leaving aside the aesthetic importance and quality of ideas, to achieve responsible and consistent dialogue with objects, the art of time and space in which we live.


We use the best mexican quality materials and the most practical solutions to complement the artisanal manufacture of each object. We attach great value to the work and craftsmen using hand tools and medium machinery, always working with a network of local family workshops, specialized materials that are falling into disuse for its industrial synthetic replacement.


Our goal is quality of the final object in daily use, allowing really correspond to the needs of our environment and real context, acquiring value and unique features over time.


The inspiration for our work is a blend of our cultural heritage, our spatial perception synthesis through research and travel experiences, art and architecture. 



If what you see here fits your ideas or way of working,
Please contact us!,  write to:

Each project is a vote of confidence, we will gladly work with you and make your project!




N O M A D E   A T E L I E R 


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